Winding Gulf Restoration Organization (WGRO)

WGRO, based in Helen, is a West Virginia nonprofit corporation dedicated to preserving the historic coal camps in the upper Guyandotte watershed, along Route 16 in southern Raleigh County.  WGRO's community projects have included construction of a park and playground and creation of a Neigborood Watch program.  WGRO is also  erecting a monument in memory of the many miners who gave their work and sometimes their lives to the extraction of coal from the nearby mines.  WGRO has helped Helen residents remove tons of solid waste that had accumulated over the years and has obtained leaseholds from the various landowners to permit the beautification of the Helen area along the Coal Heritage Trail.

Local business and individuals have contributed thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of labor to making Helen a model for the rejuvenation of other coal camps.  For more information, please e-mail or write to WGRO, PO Box 153, Helen, WV 25853.