Logging and timbering in the Helen area

A great deal of valuable timber is being extracted from the area around Helen and across southern West Virginia.  The state Division of Forestry is committed to seeing that it is done in accordance with state law and with due regard for citizens' lives and property.  To find out what company is logging in the area, who their certified logger is, where their required license posting is, and so on, call District Forester Charles Cover at (304) 256-6775.  You may need to make a written request for the information, in which case send it to Mr. Cover at 330 Harper Park Drive, Suite J, Beckley, WV, 25801.  You can also ask for any records of complaints and investigations by Division personnel.  These are to be provided to you promptly and at little or no charge, or you can view them yourself at the District office during normal working hours.  You will probably want to request the Division respond to you in writing to avoid misunderstandings caused by incomplete or inaccurate verbal responses provided by Division Field personnel.  The Division is required to identify the licensed logger or timberer and tell you the location of the required license posting, which is supposed to be on the main landing where the logs are gathered.  They are also required to make a written report in response to any complaint, and these responses are public records open for your inspection.  

If you have any difficulty obtaining information from the Division, please send an e-mail to gunntyti@aol.com   Under the WV Logging Sediment Control Act the Division of Forestry issues compliance orders to correct problems and, when necessary, suspends logging operations until specified corrections are made.  The operation may be immediately suspended when human life is endangered, uncorrectable damage to the environment is imminent, an operator is not licensed, uncorrectable water pollution may result, or a certified logger is not supervising the operation. If you believe any of these are occurring, contact Mr. Cover immediately for documentation that the logging/timbering operation is operating within the law.  Licenses may be suspended if a person is found in violation twice in any two-year period, and they may be revoked if found guilty for a third time in any two-year period.  For more information on logging/timbering and flooding in the area see http://www.wvcoalfield.com/