Author Thurman Miller at Armed Forces Appreciation Day
Eglin Air Force Base
August 28, 2010 (flyer)

Mr. Miller's appearance was sponsored by Valor Studios, CDP Stucco, and the Eglin Air Force Association.  Thanks to all!

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Meeting the public with the men from Easy Company and the Old Breed's K-3-5
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Author Marcus Brotherton with Band of Brothers men Buck Compton and Ed Mauser
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Adam Makos of Valor Studios with R.V. Burgin, author of Islands of the Damned
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Signing prints and books
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Miller with Ed Mauser of Easy Company and Marine Corps Guadalcanal vet Jim Burke
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Old buddies Burgin and Miller
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Miller with Sid Phillips and Kathy Phillips Singer
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At the Armed Forces Day gathering
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Miller with Chris Echols of the Eglin Air Force Association
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Miller and his son David with Jim Burke
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Meeting the public
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Captured by Billy Bowlegs!
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Jim Burke with one of Valor Studios' beautiful prints
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Miller and Burke with Easy Company's Brad Freeman
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Miller with Ted Corcoran of the Ft. Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce
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Dinner with General William Kirk
PIC_0097.JPG (80303 bytes)
At the Hall of Heroes